Chief Whitepath of the Cherokee

Chief Whitepath, who named the area where our distillery is located, lived from 1761 to 1838, just up the street on Hwy 515 just north of our location. Today, there is a stone marking the place of Chief Whitepath’s former home which was removed due to road construction to a new North Carolina location. Please note that Hwy 515 can be sometimes a busy road, so please be careful visiting the stone marking in times of traffic.

Little is known about Whitepath thus many stories rank around this traditional Cherokee Chieftain that died on the Trail of Tears in 1838. He was an outspoken member at the New Echota Cherokee Council before the Indian Removal.

New Echota, capital of Cherokee Nation

The city of New Echota has been beautifully restored and can be visited in Calhoun, GA. As a traditionalist Whitepath believed to preserve his tribes tradition and to follow the “white path” the traditional path of peace and freedom for his people. His Cherokee name, Nunna-tsune-ga, translates “I dwell on the peaceful path.”

Today, the area of White Path Creek captivates visitors with its still pristine water sources and remaining beautiful mountain wilderness between Ellijay and Blue Ridge in North Georgia. The Cherokee used to call this area “the land between the rivers” which is one reason why Ellijay became home of many orchards and the “Apple Capital of Georgia“.

New Echota, capital of Cherokee Nation

Ellijay area indeed grows best quality apples on rich soils creating beautiful sweet and crisp apple flavors for our apple schnapps and apple brandy produced on site. All of our liquors and liqueurs are rounded up with fresh and clean mountain water from our own White Path Creek Well Water. Our valley is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. We as well “dwell on the peaceful path” and focus on environmentally sustainable and clean production. Come by and visit us, to see for yourself – we promise a wonderful place to relax and learn about distilling traditions, to taste and enjoy our high quality products, and to just fall in love with the peaceful beauty surrounding you in our valley at the foot of Rich Mountain Wilderness.

May the Warm Winds of Heaven, Blow softly upon your house. May the Great Spirit, Bless all who enter there. May your Moccasins, Make happy tracks in many snows, and may the Rainbow Always touch your shoulder.

Cherokee Prayer Blessing