Ellijay council presentation


Ellijay, GA: On Monday evening White Path Creek Distillery presented to the city council of Ellijay.

White Path Creek Distillery emphasized its expertise in the art of fruit distilling during a presentation to the City of Ellijay. The still build in Germany will include the so called Aromator technology especially designed to enhance catching volatile fruit flavors, distilling high quality liquors. The distillery’s signature products produced in Ellijay will be apple brandy, apple schnapps, and fruit liqueurs from seasonal fruits.

The distillery is focusing on a local concept, attracting tourists and locals alike. “We have moonshine and whiskey distilleries, but not one fruit distillery in the area,“ says James Sturgeon, CEO of White Path Creek Distillery. And indeed, the concept will bring something truly special to the area. In the future, the company strives to become the Competence Center for Fruit Distilling in Georgia.

About White Path Creek Distillery: White Path Creek Distillery is a craft brandy distillery opening fall 2020 in Ellijay, GA. We are specialized in the art of fruit distilling including handcrafted brandies, eau-de-vies and other fine spirits combining pristine mountain water with locally harvested fruits.

February, 18th 2020
Caroline Porsiel
White Path Creek Distillery