Quality starts with our love for apples

No other fruit can compete with the apple!

Apples have been symbolic for temptation, forbidden fruits, love, knowledge, health and sensuality, and much more. Throughout the world people have idioms comparing apples with oranges (or other fruits), and even the early settlers nicknamed New York City as The Big Apple.

The wild ancestor of the apple was originally from the central Asian mountains. We know that about 3000 years ago people in the area of today Turkey and some Northern European settlements started the cultivation of apples as a crop. There are wild apple varieties found all over the world, though interestingly just one native apple tree in North America: the crab apple.

An American Tradition – Apple Brandy

The first colonists in the United States brought European apple plants to the new world, and soon new varieties were developed and cultivated mainly to be used for food but as history shows as well for alcoholic beverages. One of the first alcoholic beverages beside beer produced in the new colonies was apple cider and apple brandy. In the 17th century brandy was valued much higher than the newly introduced Caribbean rum, and whiskey, which at that time both were considered being a cheap commoners drink whereas Brandy was drank by nobles. We follow this American tradition and are bringing back the fine art of distilling high-quality handcrafted American Apple Brandy.

Surely the apple is the noblest of fruits.

Henry David Thoreau