White Path Creek Distillery

Fine Fruit Spirits – an American Heritage

We are a boutique brandy distillery specialized in distilling fine spirits from fruits following craft-distilling traditions from Europe and the Americas. We distill handcrafted brandies, eau-de-vies and other fine spirits combining pristine mountain water with locally harvested fruits. Our custom brandy still is made in Germany by a family that is making pot stills for more than five generations, specialized to distill volatile fruit aromas. The still pot is customized by our master distiller to create extraordinary fruit aromas and very fine fruit spirits for our community. Visit us to learn more about the spirit of fruits and the real origin of the “water of life”.

White Path Creek is meandering through our beautiful valley in the North Georgia Mountains. The Creek was named after chieftain White Path of the Cherokee who lived just North of our property at the foot of the Rich Mountain Wilderness. We named our distillery after this beautiful creek where our distillery is located today.

Local Community & Seasonal Products

We believe in sustainable, organic and local production. We are proud to produce locally for our local community as well as visitors of our distillery. Due to the fact that we are producing from fresh seasonal fruits we may not have enough volumes to distribute every spirit or liqueur to retailers in Georgia or other US States. This means that some of our seasonal products, such as seasonal fruit liqueurs will be sold only locally at our distillery. So visit us! You will find truly unique spirits and presents at our distillery shop – and we promise you cannot get them anywhere else.

Art is wine and experience is the brandy we distill from it.

Robertson Davies