White Path Creek Distillery presents its new logo!


Ellijay, GA: White Path Creek Distillery unveiled its new logo.

White Path Creek Distillery’s logo is all about heritage and fruit distilling traditions. The company chose classic heraldic elements combining the founders’ Scottish and German family heritage, as well as symbols of the city of Ellijay and Georgia’s history.

The supporting animals stand for the founders of White Path Creek Distillery themselves: James Sturgeon’s clan is originally from Scotland symbolized by a sturgeon to the left supporting the shield, the bear to the right indicates that Caroline Porsiel’s family is originally from Berlin, Germany. “I would like to add that the supporting bear in our logo symbolizes the “Berlin Bear” as well as wild living black bears of beautiful Rich Mountain Wilderness,” stresses Caroline Porsiel, president of White Path Creek Distillery.

For the shield the company chose three pictographs: apples, three rivers, and an oak leaf. All three elements are important to create fine apple brandy, one of White Path Creek Distillery’s signature products. These elements also explain the distillery’s site choice. The city of Ellijay is the “Apple Capital of Georgia“, and it is the town where three rivers meet, the Cartecay, Coosawatee and Ellijay Rivers. Furthermore, Rich Mountain Wilderness is known for some old oak trees growing on the southern side of the park, and oak is needed for the barrels to mature fine brandy.

The head of the logo is crowned by three ears of grain indicating that grain in small amounts is used for liqueur production. The barrel symbolizes the maturing process of fine apple brandy which is similar to bourbon aged in American White Oak barrels. Below the barrel grows a Cherokee rose recalling the naming of White Path Creek after Chief Whitepath of the Cherokee.

The Motto placed on a scroll “Der Äpfelchen begehrt Ihr sehr” is a famous quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust I. This quote points out the historical importance of the apple and how deeply it is rooted in Christian culture, and it is as well the company’s statement to make you fall in love with its fine hand-crafted apple distillates and liqueurs. The Motto translates “Apples have been desired by you” and it is the beginning of the famous lines the Fair One answers to Faust:

Apples have been desired by you,

Since first in Paradise they grew;

And I am moved with joy, to know

That such within my garden grow.

J. W. von Goethe, Faust I, Vers 4132 ff.

The new visual identity will be available on our communication media and online presences in the next days.

About White Path Creek Distillery: White Path Creek Distillery is a craft brandy distillery opening fall 2020 in Ellijay, GA. We are specialized in the art of fruit distilling including handcrafted brandies, eau-de-vies and other fine spirits combining pristine mountain water with locally harvested fruits.

February, 14th 2020
Caroline Porsiel
White Path Creek Distillery